Art for sale.

After creating art for almost 7 years, I finally mustered the courage to put up my artwork for sale. Watching other artists on Instagram do it gave me the feeling that I could do it, should do it. Also, earning from my art has been a dream since quite some time. Having quit my job to look after my family, it’s been a long-standing wish to start earning again. It changes the mindset a whole lot when a homemaker becomes financially capable!

So, without further ado, I share some of my ink artworks and mandalas I made this year. The artworks are original—they are my ideas and not a copy, neither an inspiration from other’s artworks.

They are drawn on A4 size sheet (21 cms X 30 cms), 185 GSM water colour paper, using ink pens and coloured pencils. 

Do share your opinions with me and if you would like to buy a piece, then do feel free to drop me a mail.


Mandala in ink.
The Queen.
Mandala in ink
Mandala in ink
The Rook
Mandala in ink
The Bishop
Mandala in ink
The Knight
Ink Art

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